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Service Level Pledge

We offer a 90 day guarantee based on the following service level commitment

First Page Search Engine Result Placement (SERP) within 90 Days
Directory Listing Creation and Submission up to 40 directories in 3-5 business days
Standard Website Delivery within 1-2 weeks
Premium Website Delivery within 2-3 weeks
Ultra Premium Website Delivery within 3-4 weeks (depending on customization)
GoogleAds Live within 5-7 business days from website delivery date
New Google Listing Creation and Optimization estimated within 30 days, may vary depending on Google requirements
Existing Google Listing Optimization within 2-3 business days
Logo Creation within 15 business days, up to two revisions
Receive a Return Call from Client Services within 24- 48 hours
Service Request Processed within 2 days business days
Performance Reporting available same day
BrandAdvisor Introduction within 3 business days (if applicable)
Social Account Setup within 10 business days*
Social Account Publishing up to 2 posts per week, per platform

Website Rush Fee - $100

Your success is our success.

Our team is dedicated to ensure the highest level of product delivery and support!

Note: Timelines may be affected by custom requests and turnaround time from clients

*Assuming client grants appropriate admin access within allocated time, and there are no platform limitations.